If you already have an idea for a music video I will gladly discuss about it with you.  I will tell you all the details of how it can be done and how much it will cost . Then it’s up to you to hire me or not for the making of you project.

Well, this is actually one of my favourite things to do : finding a story and a concept for a video. After listening thoroughly to your music I will gladly submit to you a couple of ideas and concepts for a music video. 

It depends ! I know it’s not a satisfying answer, but that’s how it is !  The price of a music video depends on many many things. There’s however two ways to fix a budget.  You can either come to me with a concept for a music video, in which case I can tell you how much it will cost. Or you can simply indicate your maximum amount for the project and I’ll  tell you what can be done in this range of price.  

It won’t be ! We will discuss all financials matters before and validate a budget that will cover all the costs. If for some reason the music video takes more time than expected (no one is immune to mishaps)  you won’t have to pay for the extra days of work. I got your back ! You are the only one entitled to raise  the budget of the project if for example you decide you want more ressources and get that video to the next level.

I do everything myself from the concept writing to the post production. When I need extra pairs of hands for the shooting I form a team. Same thing if the video requires a lot of post production effects. However I try to keep the team as small as possible, and only made of reliable and efficient people. If something is within my skills, I simply do it myself. This way the budget of the video is lower and communication is easier.

Yes, it can happen. If you have a project in mind that is not a music video don’t be shy and tell me more about it.

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